Everything You Need To Know About The Rage Called Blue Tea!

Move aside Green tea and take the passé Black tea along! The pretty queen of teas in blue gown has arrived! You really need to come out of your rock if you haven’t already heard about The Blue Tea. It’s breaking the internet, spamming the Instagram feed, and taking the healthy beverage game to a whole new level. Let us enlighten you with the admirable qualities of this best of the bests if you haven’t heard about it already!

The Blue Tea is a new serving on the table of health and fitness enthusiasts. Apart from looking luxuriously pretty with its vibrant royal blue color and purple undertone, Blue Tea is loaded with exciting health benefits. It comes with all the right reasons for you to switch from your generic beverage to Blue tea.  And let’s not even talk about all the attention you’ll get while sipping this elite-tea at your workplace.

Here is a list of benefits you can get from Blue tea:

Stops premature aging of skin & hair:

On a serious note,  there’s no best season to indulge in a refreshing beverage especially if it’s coming with numerous health benefits in a cup. The Blue Tea is highly enriched with antioxidants which help reduce the cell damage. It eventually slows down the aging process while maintaining the youthfulness of your skin. Blue tea also contains essential vitamins and minerals to protect your hair and skin from premature aging. We finally found the beauty elixir! *woot-woot*

Maintains blood sugar level and fights anxiety:

Also known as pro-diabetic tea, Blue tea when taken in between meals inhibits the glucose intake and lowers the sugar level. That’s just not it, intake of Blue tea helps clear the mucus from airways, lungs, and trachea relieving you from cold, cough, and Asthma. This magical potion is also believed to relax and calm your anxious mind. It relieves stress and lowers the symptoms of anxiety and depression too.

Blue Tea for Stress & Anxiety

Enhances immune system:

If at all you’re already attacked by the viral flu and feeling feverish, worry not, Blue Tea got your back, correction* your body!  Boosted with flavonoids, the high anti-inflammatory properties of Blue Tea help to enhance the immunity and fight against viral. It dilutes the blood vessels right beneath your skin, enabling the air to cool the blood quickly and drop the body temperature.

Blue Tea Enhances Immunity

Boosts brain functions:

Do you keep asking Siri to remind you about every petty things? If your lifestyle is thriving on reminders by your phone notification and sticky notes on your desk, you surely need to do something about it. Proven to be a nootropic, Blue tea contains Acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) that instantly awakens and refreshes the brain to assist with memory and its functions. Voila! Now you can remember your partner’s birthday and all the anniversaries too. Happy you two!

Boosts Brain Functions

The secret behind the gorg blue!

Let’s dig deeper to find out the secret behind the rich blue hue – it comes from the extracts of Butterfly Pea flowers (Clitoria ternatea). Commonly known as “nam dok anchan” in Thailand and Vietnam, this Blue Tea has been around since ages but recently caught the eyes of millennial media due to its azure hue. The sweet and earthy flavor of this tea makes it easy on taste buds; you can also play along with add-ons like honey, mint, ginger, cinnamon and finely sliced fruits to impress your guests with your sober – Long Island blue tea! (We mentioned sober, you can’t blame us.)

The Elixir called Blue Tea!

P.S – Everyone loves a trick or two! The color of Blue Tea depends on the Ph level of the things you’re adding to it. Add a drop of lime juice to your Blue tea to change it to purple. 😉

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