Surgical Treatment Shows Promise for Diabetic Neuropathy Relief

Surgical Treatment Shows Promise for Diabetic Neuropathy Relief
Surgical Treatment Shows Promise for Diabetic Neuropathy Relief. Credit | Shutterstock

United States – A surgical solution applied to the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, back sciatic, and other similar conditions is expected to be helpful in relieving the pain of diabetic neuropathy, possible new research has identified.

Superficial nerve decompression in a few diabetic neuropathy sufferers was found to noticeably reduce pain among them to as much as five years by the scientists’ study, as reported by HealthDay.

Understanding Diabetic Neuropathy

During the operation, the surgeons made use of rigid tissues that were driver of the enlargement of the patient’s foot and leg nerves. Thanks to this the nerve gets a chance to realize that it has too much space. The blood flow becomes better, and the nerve starts decreasing its size.

Procedure Details and Trial Results

The clinical trial involved 78 patients divided into two groups: those undergoing nerve decompression surgery and those receiving medication only. Patients in the surgery group experienced significant pain relief in both legs compared to baseline values, while medication-only patients did not show significant improvement.

Placebo Effect and Long-Term Relief

While initial pain relief may be attributed to a placebo effect, the study found that the surgical group continued to experience higher pain reduction compared to the placebo group over a five-year period. Moreover, recipients of the sham surgery reported more severe pain than the control group, indicating potential benefits of the actual surgery, as reported by HealthDay.

Implications and Future Research

Specially featured in the Annals of Surgery, which is known as a reliable source for the emerging treatments for diabetic neuropathy, the study is contributing to ongoing discussions about nerve decompression surgery. Dr. Rozen highlights the fact that more research needs to be done in order to determine the techniques that are truly helpful and to select those patients who can probably be helped by the procedures.